I have used Jerry for over five years with his help, negotiating contracts and then following the billing to make sure it is correct.  He has saved us over a $100,000 per year.
— CW Evans – Former Auto CFO
Your involvement and hard work has provided both of our dealerships a with very significant savings and improved management practices in nearly every aspect of our purchases and services rendered to us through outside vendors. The areas you worked on for us were very diversified and in many cases we didn’t realize how much our company could save until you showed us the way. I do not hesitate to recommend your expertise to any company, big or small. I know you will enlighten them in many ways and help them tremendously.
— Dick Kinsey – McCarthy Auto Group
As a restaurant owner, I am always looking to save money on the cost of operating my business. But it takes time to research and negotiate with vendors. And that means time away from my customers. Hiring Superior Supply Chain was one of my best business decisions. Superior Supply Chain was able to determine and eliminate extra charges on my garbage contract that saved me 30% over what had been originally negotiated as well as confirm that the vendors we were using for our kitchen supplies were already giving us competitive pricing. This created a win-win situation in both cases by not having to switch vendors. All of this was done on a short time frame and with minimum time on our part so that I could do what I need to do: concentrate on my staff and customers.
— A.J. Stevens Malone’s Bar and Grill, Maple Grove, Minnesota
We asked Superior Supply Chain Solutions to bid out our garbage and recycling service both at home and work. They reached out to several service providers including our present provider. We ended up switching the garbage at Pro-Tech and kept the present supplier at home. Through negotiation we received a 42% reduction on the bill at home and a 53% saving at Pro-Tech. This adds up to real dollars at the end of the year.

Thank you, Jerry and Superior Supply Chain Solutions. If you haven’t worked with Superior Supply Chain Solutions, you owe it to yourself to do so. It’s only money, YOURS, why not keep more of it.

Tom Gleason, Owner Pro-Tech Auto Repair