Three ways we work with your company

to provide solutions that address your pain points:


1. Contingency Plan

2. Cost Savings Reduction Plan

  1. Develop list of expense areas to be negotiated for 12-24 months
  2. Your Company provides invoices for current costs and requirements for each expense area
  3. SSCS develops RFQ (Request For Quote) for each area
  4. Analyze data received from vendors
  5. Negotiate final pricing and contract terms, if appropriate
  6. Present to Your Company for vendor selection
  7. SSCS implements the program
  8. Audit vendor price and compliance
  9. Savings confirmed
  10. Begin on next expense area
  11. Continue process each month

3. Special Projects

For example, we can assist with new purchases for your company where SSCS can leverage its vendor base to provide best market pricing.

All of this means Improved Bottom Line Savings for Your Company.